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Thanks for visiting my website and for having a peak at the blog. My name is Inma and I teach yoga in Albacete, Spain. The road that has brought me back to the city where I spent my teenage years has been long and windy, and the story of how I’ve ended up teaching yoga is even longer! Don’t worry, I love telling stories, and this is one I am sure I will tell at some point.

For now, here are a few things about me:

·       I love to write. In fact, I studied a degree in social science and journalism. I love all things creative, even if I have always done it more as a hobby.

·       I don’t fully function til I have had a coffee in the morning.

·       I consider myself British by adoption, as I spent 14 years living in Oxford, in the UK, a city where I was very happy.

·       My favourite meal is Valencian baked rice, closely followed by my mum’s cocido.

·       I am a secret eco warrior and try to be conscious of everything I consume and its impact on the planet.

·       Up to a few months ago I worked at a well know international charity building partnerships with the private sector.

·       I obviously LOVE yoga, and even if it sounds as a cliché, it has completely changed the way I see life.

Now that the ice is broken I will tell you that training as a yoga teacher is one of the best decisions I have made in my life. As I said, yoga has changed my outlook on life. It has made me a much braver, more adventurous and optimistic person. More than anything else, it has helped me love myself unconditionally, and it’s been an anchor and pillar during hard times.

This is why I love to share this beautiful practice with as many people as posible. My weekly clases in Albacete are one of the ways in which I can do this, but I thought that creating this blog was another way to share what I continue to learn, my experiences and reflections.

My intention is to share thoughts on how to take concepts from yoga and apply them in your every day life, talk about some of the poses and sequences that we practice in class, share the music we practice to (I love creating the playlists and I’m always listening to them while I drive or work), and a long etcetera. If you have any suggestions, you can leave a comment below, or you can always get in touch with me privately.

Oh, and if you feel like it, you can share posts using the buttons below, and that way we can spread the goodness of yoga a bit more widely!

Have a wonderful day!

Inma :)

Spanish version of this post here / Versión española de este post aquí


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